Mozart piano competition

W.A. Mozart piano competition for young pianist in Hamburg. Mozart Gesellschaft Hamburg. Jugend musiziert - "Mozart-Preis".  14 April 2012

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New on the Web Seite NataliaPiano:  All videos of students the piano school to see in the "iTunes store". The new video quality Quick Time Player in MP4 format (640x480 pix. video size). NataliaPiano shool presents: my best students learn play the piano . Video podcasts: the piano performance in the piano competition for young pianists in Germany and France. ( Winners of the Steinway international competition 2000-2011 Hamburg ; Truebger pianohaus competition Hamburg 2000-2009;  “Jugend musiziert” Germany) 25 th piano performance of the classical, romantics and modern composers: J.S.Bach; W.A. Mozart ; L.v. Beethoven; F. Chopin;  Franz Schubert; J. Brahms; F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy; J.Haydn; Fridrich Kuhlau; Georges Bize; Edvard Grieg; G.F.Händel; Carl Cerny; R.Schuman; C.Reinice; I.N.Tischer; V. Diabelli; M.Clementi; S. Majkapar; Gabriel Faure. Russian composers: P.I. Tchaikovsky; Sergey Rachmaninov; M. Balakirev ; N.Rimskij-Korsakow;  M.Glinka; Sergej Prokofiev; Dmitri Schostakovitch; S.Slonimski; Andrei Petrov; Valeri Gavrilin;  A.Chatschaturjan; G.Swiridow; Alexander Gurilöv.

Quick Time 7 Player and  iTunes Apple  free programs  to download.  iTunes 9.2.1 7th for Windows XP, or Windows Vista iTunes is a free program for Mac and PC. So you can store all your digital songs and videos, play and sync it to iPod, iPhone and Apple TV. It is also an entertainment store that is open around the clock. iTunes plays your digital music and videos, synchronize content with your iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and you can also expand your collection at any time.

Dear students youth and young pianists! I am glad to see you on the my Internet-page, on which I presents the information about my best studens and on the piano competitions spent to Germany and features of preparation for them is presented. I am leaning on that base which I have got, being trained at remarkable professionals St.-Petersburg music school, and first of all, at one of the virtuosoes -professors  of St.-Petersburgs conservatory Elena Shishko. My operational experience which has been saved up for years of work (in Russia and then here in Germany) in the beginning as pianist, a then as teacher on a class of a piano, has allowed us, together with my studen and youngs, to win a musical and piano competitions in Germany. I try to learn my students and youth to bases the piano arts.

The piano lessons to improve the analytical and combinatorial capability and responsiveness, patience and discipline. Good music refreshes the mind, has a harmonizing and practicing the piano is supported by the development of self-discipline, manual dexterity, internal mobility, mental strength and sensitivity and a more open social behavior. The piano leads to greater motivation and greater dexterity and improved fine motor skills. The piano increases: the creativity and positive impact on emotional life and social behaviour.
It is well known that the musical career of the child and the formation of his musical tastes depends on the student's first practical contact with the music. Success depends largely on the professional skill of the teacher and the student's degree of talent. Students and music teachers to be together a long and arduous path from the initial stage of learning (learning to sing and selection of tunes by ear, and familiarization with the keyboard and the development of the first methods of playing the piano) to a mastery of a musical instrument, including the performance of plays and big music forms.

NataliaPiano! features:

  • Mastering the technique of piano playing can be achieved through the use of complex techniques, based on sound and systematic methods of training. Published thousands of articles, hundreds of books and teaching aids, tens thousands of web pages on the Internet, teaching methodology play on the piano

  • The answer to the question: "whether the child in the future, the pianist and music lover, or remain indifferent to it?" depends of talented teacher, the plug of professionalism and the ability to choose teaching methods, which allows to reveal and develop the individual music student data. 

  • My teaching experience shows that there is no universal schema tool in learning to play, suitable for students of different ages with different musical abilities. In some cases, I use during the initial training scheme, which can be expressed in form: see –play- hear, gradually moving to the principle: see - sing - play, and, further, after listening to the music literacy to the scheme: see - hear - play.

  • This scheme allows the student to learn to read music with a preliminary idea of their sound. Hearing thus serves as a reflection sound. I care about hearing the music much attention, which allows the student to develop a direct perception of music and its figurative meaning. 

  • Working with a student on a new piano musical work, I tell it about the structure and form of a musical work, showing some of the music and musical motifs drawn up a proposal and what it takes to for  expressiveness of an image.

  • By the important task of the learning process: I would include the need for mastery of student skills independent work to improve playing technique on the instrument and Reception of the structure and form of musical pieces.

  • I use the modern methods of occupations with my students in game on the piano
  • I continue traditions of Russian piano school and St.-Petersburgs piano school
  • I receive the big satisfaction from employment by music with my students
  • We can  to speak with my students and young in language of music
  • I learn children and youth to bases piano arts how my professors the St.-Petersbugs conservatory to did it
  • I test huge satisfaction, when we become fellow workers and we manage to speak in language of music
  • If student and teacher work together, the joy develops produces in the piano game, that not rarely achievements of the student, NataliaPiano school presents a students: Alexander Krichel, Lin Sha Li, Kaiying Zhao, Nita Kroll and Kevin Kroll. Video-fragments the piano performance 2006-2009 years.

My students won prizes at many international piano competitions for young pianists:

  • A. K. from Hamburg (Now a student the higher music scholl Hannover. it learns now in the class professor Vladimir Krainev),  won prizes at many international piano competitions for young pianists. 68 (2005) Steinway piano competiton 1th prise, piano solo, group C (14-17 years old)
  • Louis Yin from Hamburg, won prizes at many competitions for young pianists in Hamburg and Germany
  • Lin Sha Li from Hamburg. (Now a student the higher music scholl Hannover ). 69 (2006) Steinway piano competiton 2th prise, piano solo,The group B (10-11 years old).  70 (2007) Steinway piano competiton 3th prise, piano solo,The group B (12-13 years old)
  • Kaiying Zhao from Hamburg. 70 (2007) Steinway piano competiton 1th prise, piano duo with LinSha Li, The group Duo
  • Gina Louisa Doepke from Hamburg.  68 (2005) Steinway piano competiton 1th prise, the group Duo, with Louis Yin
  • Rachel Schnitter from Hamburg, won prizes at many competitions for young pianists in Hamburg and Germany
  • Celine Hou and Helene Hou from Hamburg. 73 (2009) Steinway piano competiton 1th prise, piano duo. The group duo
  • Nita and Kevin Kroll from Hamburg. 73 (2009) Steinway piano competiton 5th prise, piano duo, The group duo
  • David Schnitter from Hamburg. 71 (2006) Steinway piano competiton 1th prise, piano duo, The group Duo, with Liv Catherine Schnitter
  • Liv Catherine Schnitter from Hamburg. 72 (2008) Steinway piano competiton 3th prise, piano solo, The Group A(6-7 years old)
  • Liv Catherine Schnitter und David Schnitter . Steinway piano competiton 2010. Programm: Franz Schubert: Fuge op.5. Programm 2012.
  • Sophie Schwalbe from Hamburg. 72 (2008) Steinway piano competiton 3th prise, piano solo, The group B (8-10 years old)
  • Elene Schwalbe from Hamburg won 1 th prize Truebger piano haus competiton Sept. 2009
  • Hanna Schwalbe from Hamburg won 1th  prize Truebger piano haus competiton Sept. 2009
  • Christian Wizke. 74. Steinway piano competiton 2010 Programm: Dimitri Kabalewski: Variationen op.51, Nr.3

The focus on the teaching of piano music is  promotion and development of students. An extensible at every level of piano technique allows stunents, turn your sound ideas on the piano and expressive design your own music. The goal is pleasure and convey enthusiasm for music through the piano lessons and play the piano. I try to take into account the individual experience of every piano student. If the students have already gained some experience, I animate them for playing together with other instrumental students.Konzert in Hamburg 2011. Teil2. Konzert in Hamburg 12.03.2011 Teil2

Es spielt die Schüler und Schülerinnen aus der Klavierklasse von Natalia Pogouliaeva. Konzert in Hamburg 12.03.2011 Teil2.


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Steinway competition

Steinway competition news

Youth pianists competition

prepare it
74 Steinway piano Competiton in Hamburg 2010. Germany.  For young pianists for 17-ty years old.

Jugend musiziert Germany

Jugend musiziert Germany

Youth musicians competition

prepare it
Jugend musiziert competitIon  2010 Competiton in Germany 2010.The competition is for young musicians of German nationality and those (regardless of nationality) studying at German schools in foreign countries. W.A. Mozart piano competition for young pianist in Hamburg 2012.

Truebger piano competition

Truebger piano Haus competition Hamburg

Truebger piano competition

prepare it
Competition for Youth pianists in Hamburg 2010. The competition is for young musicians of Hamburg .

podcast iTunes

Videos in iTunes store

New on the

prepare it :All videos of students the piano school to see in the "iTunes store". The new video quality Quick Time Player in MP4 format (640x480 pix. video size). Quick Time 7 Player and  iTunes Apple  free programs  to download.
And in other news

Liv and David

My students Liv Catherine and David. Youth pianists  Liv Catherine and David Schnitter  from Hamburg.

Louis Yin Hamburg

My student Louis Yin Piano school NataliaPiano from Hamburg.

Classical piano duo

Piano duo perfomance

Piano duo Steinway 2009

prepare it
Celine Hou and Helene Hou 10(y/o). Piano-duo. Programm: S.Rachmaninoff: Italienishe Polka. Steinway international competition 2009 Hamburg. First prize.

Classical piano solo

Piano solo perfomance

piano solo Steinway 2008

prepare it Youth pianists student Lin Sha Li piano solo. NataliaPiano school presents student Lin Sha Li. Programm: Johann Sebastian Bach: Sinfonia aus Partita 2 C-Moll.BWV 826.

My students

students piano scholl Natalia Pogouliaeva
Piano school
prepare it
Youth pianists school NataliaPiano. Braamkamp 16, 22297 Hamburg

Alexander Krichel

Young pianists competition

prepare it
69Steinway piano Competiton in Hamburg 2005. Germany.  For young pianists for 17-ty years old.

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Alexander Krichel

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Alex Krichel piano duo

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Lin Sha Li and Kaiying Zhao

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Louis Yin and Kaiying Zhao

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Lin Sha J.S.Bach

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