ImageComments to video performance of Natalia Pogouliaeva students. 2006-2009 years.

ImageCommentar November 2006 - Jnuar 2009:

About  Alex Krichel: Whar a great idea showing the evolution of a tiny little boy to the seventeen year old virtuoso! I think that young man is very talented and I liked everything he played. Maybe did I have a slight preference for the Bach, but all the performances were great. Did he win any prizes? I am very suspicious with competitions where anything can happen, but, to my point of view, he should have at least been among the Finalists....Can you tell me? I feel such an urge to hear more of your students play solo ( as you know ! )   because I think you are a great professor. Every video you published was impressive.......except the epileptic bumble bee......I'm mean! So, dear Natalia, as Septembercomes, try to give us some more marvels.

Image 14.08.07 Dear Natalia, I loved all the videos of Lin Sha Li. I think she is extremely gifted. She plays with great sureness, exceptionnal virtuosity ( the Gigue of Bach's French Suite!! ) and she is very elegant at the keyboard. I hope the results were good? I never trust these jurys....Could you tell me how it went? And how is she now? Progressing? These Asians are awsome!Of course, all that is mostly thanks to your great teaching.Congratulations to you and Congratulations to Lin Sha Li.Could you tell her that, somewhere in Paris, there is an old man who loves her piano playing? 

20.08.07 Dear Natalia, Lin Sha and Kaying are simply irresistable! Surely they must play very often together because their synchronism is so perfect that it seems that they breathe together. Their program was very interesting and showed many exemples of their great talent, from humour to deepness. Kaying seems to be quite an interesting young piano too. Of course, I'd love to hear her play know me.....Some of the videos of Sha Lin go back to 2004 and she already played very well. Doesn't she perform "bigger" works now? Don't you think that Chopin Op25 n°1 & 2 would suit her well? I wonder if she is able to play the Abbegg Variations bt Schumann with her very fast fingers? Or, maybe her hands are still too small? Can you enlighten me? With loveWith all mt friendship and admiration With most  

Friendly regards

Patrick Debusue from France.

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