The prize-winners of musical competition of the Steinway 2008-2009.
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Piano lessons with beginners. My goal is to inspire children for the piano and to promote long-term interest in music and piano playing. Prior to the placement of a purely technical skills, the intention, of children and adolescents is a creative and joyful approach to music and the piano to make. Children initially learn through playful and discovery approach. In addition to the basic fundamentals of play and movement sequences are Notenlehre, simple rhythm exercises and light improvisations on the piano part of my teaching.

ImageThrough the use of current and partially self-composed teaching literature and the incorporation of various styles of music, I offer a varied piano lessons. In the selection of piano pieces, I try to take into account the individual experience of every piano student. If the students have already gained some experience, I animate them for playing together with other instrumental students.

ImageFor advanced piano students is the extension of the piano repertoire, improving their technology and the deepening of artistic expression in the center of my work. Here, I have as a concert pianist on a wide spectrum. The elaboration of chamber music works duo, trio, etc., I offer this as well and work close together with colleagues from other instruments.

ImageThe focus of my teaching is on the music promotion and development of students. One on each level of piano sound and expandable technology allows you (or your child), turn your sound ideas on the piano and expressive design your own music.

It is my concept, joy and convey enthusiasm for music through the piano lessons and play the piano. I personally love the "classical" music and would like to bring them close to my students, of course.
Even the placement of integrated music relationships is an important part of my piano lessons, so I let the general music theory, harmony and ear training incorporated into my teaching. For children it is a good assumption if the parents sang together and consciously music is heard. Music must live in the inner idea, then they can also be transmitted on the piano. At the beginning of the daily piano practice should be accompanied by parents. Wake up and support you through praise and joy at the progress your children's interest and enthusiasm for the instrument! Later, the students should practice independently, but are possibly reminiscent of the parents of it - children can not divide their time always good.

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Steinway competition

Steinway competition news

Youth pianists competition

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74 Steinway piano Competiton in Hamburg 2010. Germany.  For young pianists for 17-ty years old.

Jugend musiziert Germany

Jugend musiziert Germany

Youth musicians competition

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Jugend musiziert competitIon  2010 Competiton in Germany 2010.The competition is for young musicians of German nationality and those (regardless of nationality) studying at German schools in foreign countries. W.A. Mozart piano competition for young pianist in Hamburg 2012.

Truebger piano competition

Truebger piano Haus competition Hamburg

Truebger piano competition

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Competition for Youth pianists in Hamburg 2010. The competition is for young musicians of Hamburg .

podcast iTunes

Videos in iTunes store

New on the

prepare it :All videos of students the piano school to see in the "iTunes store". The new video quality Quick Time Player in MP4 format (640x480 pix. video size). Quick Time 7 Player and  iTunes Apple  free programs  to download.
And in other news

Liv and David

My students Liv Catherine and David. Youth pianists  Liv Catherine and David Schnitter  from Hamburg.

Louis Yin Hamburg

My student Louis Yin Piano school NataliaPiano from Hamburg.

Classical piano duo

Piano duo perfomance

Piano duo Steinway 2009

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Celine Hou and Helene Hou 10(y/o). Piano-duo. Programm: S.Rachmaninoff: Italienishe Polka. Steinway international competition 2009 Hamburg. First prize.

Classical piano solo

Piano solo perfomance

piano solo Steinway 2008

prepare it Youth pianists student Lin Sha Li piano solo. NataliaPiano school presents student Lin Sha Li. Programm: Johann Sebastian Bach: Sinfonia aus Partita 2 C-Moll.BWV 826.

My students

students piano scholl Natalia Pogouliaeva
Piano school
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Youth pianists school NataliaPiano. Braamkamp 16, 22297 Hamburg

Alexander Krichel

Young pianists competition

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69Steinway piano Competiton in Hamburg 2005. Germany.  For young pianists for 17-ty years old.

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Alexander Krichel

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Liv Catherine and David

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Alex Krichel piano duo

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Lin Sha Li F. Chopin

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Celien and Helene Hou

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Gina and Louis Yin duo

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Lin Sha Li and Kaiying Zhao

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Louis Yin and Kaiying Zhao

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Lin Sha J.S.Bach

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Ученый и бард Александр Городницкий

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"Атланты держат небо" видео
"Атланты. В поисках истины"


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